I design smart eLearning to drive human performance

I'm Devlin: eLearning is my specialty and Articulate Storyline is my tool of choice. With a background in English and a strong eye for visual design, I develop courses that are clean from the copy to the interactivity. If you haven't already seen them for yourself, head over to my portfolio.

Photo of Devlin Peck

So, what's smart eLearning? It's rapidly developed, responsive, scenarified and user-friendly. It's modern, minimal, and visually stimulating. It's also in line with the latest research from media theory and UI/UX design. In a word, it makes the content irresistable. Sound like something you might need? Please get in touch.

Also, what do I mean by "drive human performance"? When the situation calls for it, I conduct needs assessments to identify performance gaps. If the gap can be solved by training, I handle job-task analyses and SME reviews to identify meaningful performance objectives. From there, I align the objectives, assessment, and content to ensure that the product I produce has a lasting, real-world impact. Again, I create an experience that makes learning irresistable.

Want to know more about me? I'm almost as obsessed with learning as I am with creating a great learner experience. Since entering this field a few years ago, I've taught myself eLearning authoring tools (Storyline, Captivate, and Adapt), the Adobe Suite, front-end web development (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript), and xAPI (a specification to track every step of the learner experience). I'm also finishing up my Masters degree in Instructional Systems & Learning Technologies, where I've studied under experts with decades of experience. Want to know more? Visit my blog.

So, that's me. Now I'd like to get to know you. Please, send me an email at devlinpeck@gmail.com.