Wrapping up my Week in Seattle


This week, my girlfriend Taylor and I explored Seattle as a potential city to move to upon finishing my Master's. Seattle topped our list, and we will definitely be making moves here after Berlin this summer! Here's what we did that made us love it here so much:

We took the ferry to Bainbridge Island

One of the days while we were here, the sky cleared up and we could see the snow-capped mountains surrounding the city. This was the perfect time to take the ferry to Bainbridge Island and back, as it offers great views of the mountains and skyline. I tried my best to take photos, but the mountains look so much taller and more imposing in person. Overall, I am so glad that we were able to see these beauties. It wasn't just on the ferry, either--we had great views walking around West Seattle and even downtown. Also, as soon as I saw the mountains, I knew that I wanted to climb them. I could definitely see myself taking up mountaineering as a hobby if I lived here.

We explored both sides of Capitol Hill

Ah, Capitol Hill…where everything you could desire is within walking distance. If we move to Seattle, we will likely call this neighborhood home. There are breweries, bookstores, coffee shops, and tons of vegan food options just minutes away by foot. We also walked on some streets with beautiful, quaint houses, but they are a little out of our price range (more like 6 million dollars out of our price range).

All considered, we've been dying to move somewhere that has options and where we don't need to get in a car. Studying abroad for a semester in London spoiled us, and we've been in Tallahassee a couple of years since. Well, we will need a car no more upon our arrival in Capitol Hill (even though we will still probably bring one for trips outside of the city).

We toured Amazon's campus

Touring Amazon's campus with the one and only eLearning queen Melissa Milloway was awesome! We got to see the in-office doggie park, well-designed hang-out spots, and massive cafeterias (there was also no shortage of fooseball tables).

The building we toured was one of the largest, but it was surprising to learn just how many buildings Amazon owns and operates out of in Seattle. If I were to work there after completing my Master's (which I am trying my best to do), I think that I would really like working from one of the smaller offices as well.

It was also cool to finally meet Melissa in person after so many hours of Twitter conversations! Taylor and I grabbed dinner with her and her boyfriend, Thomas, a couple of the nights we were there, and we even made preliminary plans to foray into hiking together.

And who says the Seattle Freeze is real…

We devoured vegan delights

If anything will win our hearts in a new city, it's the vegan food scene. And in Seattle, vegan food options abound. We got ice cream at Frankie & Jo's, pizza (twice) at Sizzle Pie, and an amazing spicy 'chicken' wrap at Veggie Grill. My taste buds were on a joy ride, and, while we did have some more impressive meals in New York City, Seattle is next on the list. Enjoy this picture of Taylor trying everything on the menu:

We learned a ton about composting

We got the down-low on composting from our AirBnB host as soon as we arrived, and we soon found out why. Seattle is a zero-trash city, and the city actually charges fees if you throw away recyclables or food.

A regular pizza box? Recyclable. A greasy one? Compostable. Plastic soiled with food even though it has the recyclable sign? Garbage. There are fliers like the one below posted all around the city to help people figure it out. We fell in love with this. Moving to a city that has concern for the environment and sustainability is awesome, and it is in line with our values. Even though we were only here for a week, we know that Seattle is the place for us. Here's to hoping we can make it back to stay this August.